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You can benefit from a landscape maintenance plan that's designed for your property, meeting and exceeding your expectations, all to keep your property looking beautiful for when you come home to enjoy time with the ones you love. 

Lawn Maintenance, Lawn Mowing, Lawn Edging, Lawn Dethatching, Lawn Aerating, Lawn Care,  Cape Cod, Ponds of Plymouth, MA

Lawn Maintenance
It's your lawn, show it off! It's one thing arriving home to a beautiful lawn, it's another finding the time to care for it. Leave that to us, we can put together a maintenance plan specific to your lawn, so when you arrive home it looks great, and you can enjoy time with your family.

The most common Lawn Maintenance Services we perform are:

    Lawn Mowing

    Mowing / Clear Leaves off the Lawn

    Edging the Lawn

    Dethatching the Lawn

    Aerating the Lawn

    Soil sample test for the Lawn

    Fertilize the Lawn

    Lime Application for the Lawn

    Over Seeding the Lawn

    Weed and Pest Control for the Lawn

    Other lawn maintenance needs for the Lawn

Property Maintenance, Spring Clean up, Fall Clean up, Cape Cod, Ponds of Plymouth, MA

Property Maintenance
Having a great looking property not only improves the curb appeal, it just feels good when your family, friends, and neighbors visit and they say "What a beautifully property you have!", and while your away doing your thing, we can maintain your property so it looks great when you come home.

The most common Property Maintenance Services we perform are: 

    Spring clean up

    Gutter cleaning

    Check the property after storms

    Storm clean up

    Weed & pest control

    Fertilize bushes, plants & shrubs

    Prune, trim bushes, plants & shrubs

    Fall clean up

Irrigation System Maintenance Cape Cod, Ponds of Plymouth, MA

Irrigation System Maintenance
Your irrigation system does a lot of unseen work to keep your lawn and plants healthy, especially in the summer. A faulty system can stress your lawn quickly. We can repair and maintain this underground system of water supply tubes, sprinkler heads, control valves, and many other parts for you.

The most common Irrigation System Maintenance Services we perform are:

    Irrigation system start up, system checks and basic adjustments/repairs

    Irrigation maintenance & repairs

    Irrigation system adjustments, and system checks

    Irrigation system shutdown, blow out lines, drain supply tube, power off control box

Lawn Sod, Installations and Renovations Cape Cod, Ponds of Plymouth, MA

Installations and Renovations
When you want to make improvements to beautify your property, you often have to make drastic changes, whatever your idea is, let's talk about it, create a plan and install it, and then you can show it off to your friends!

The most common Installations & Renovations we perform are:

    Annual flowers

    Garden and fish ponds

    Driveways, gravel & shell

    Lawn & garden edging

    Leaf and debris removal

    Mulch Installation

    Patio Installation

    Plantings – shrubs, bushes, small trees

    Retaining walls

    Stump grinding

    Tree cut down

    Tree – cut up and removal


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