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Bill Pay

Welcome to our user-friendly online bill payment service! We offer you four convenient options to settle your invoice, ensuring a seamless experience for you. To optimize efficiency and help maintain low operational costs, ultimately keeping our rates competitive, we recommend Option 1.

Option 1 - Set up Bank Bill Pay:

We encourage you to use your bank's bill pay feature for a hassle-free experience. Simply log into your bank account, add a bill to pay, and set the payment frequency to monthly for automated transactions. This option incurs no fees for you or us, contributing to our commitment to cost-effectiveness.

Option 2 - Mail a Check:

For those who prefer traditional methods, you can mail us a physical check along with your monthly invoice. Upon receiving an email reminder, print the invoice and mail it to us. This option requires only a stamp and involves no additional fees.

Option 3 - Automated ACH Setup:

To streamline your payments, contact us to set up automated ACH payments. You'll receive an email invoice with a link from Autobooks, where you can connect your bank checking account and choose recurring monthly payments. While this incurs a 1% fee for us, we absorb this cost for your convenience.

Option 4 - One-Time Payment Via Card or ACH:

For quick one-time payments, you can utilize a Credit Card, Debit Card, or Checking Account by clicking the "Pay Invoice" link. Please note that Credit or Debit Card payments incur a 3.49% fee for us. Consequently, we will apply an additional 2% fee to your monthly invoice, with the remaining portion absorbed by us. On the other hand, ACH payments from a checking account carry a 1% fee, which we absorb on your behalf.

Thank you for choosing our secure and convenient bill payment service. We accept banking bill pay, personal and business checks, bank ACH, and debit/credit cards. Please note that we do not accept cash for payments. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

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