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"A Landscaping Maintenance Company. Providing Lawn Mowing and Lawn, Property & Irrigation Maintenance on Cape Cod and South Plymouth Massachusetts."

We know you want your lawn and property looking good when you arrive after being away for weeks or even month and like having someone you can depend on. We know you would rather spend time with your family and friends on a beautiful summer weekend, instead of pushing a lawn mower and doing landscaping at your property. We know you don’t like getting phone calls asking if you want property services, like a spring clean-up, or trim the bushes, edging the lawn; you get the point! That’s annoying, so we don’t do that.

We know you want your landscaping company to just get the job done, and you sure don’t want a phone call every week, or month asking if you want something else. We don’t do that; we have a better way! We know you don’t like having inconsistent monthly bills, you know the type, when you tear it open wondering what it will be this time. We don’t like that either! Our customers told us that you want a set monthly price, so you can have an actual landscaping budget that stays the same month after month, none of that up-and-down roller-coaster you’re probably used to. I don’t think you like that either. Speaking of our customers we keep 97% of them, year to year. The most common reason someone leaves, is they sold their home.

We’re a local family company, we live here year-round, and raise our families here, so we like to work with good people, is that you? Maybe you're a year-round resident or own a summer vacation home here on Cape Cod, or in South Plymouth, Massachusetts. When you own a second home, you need someone you can depend on, someone you don't need to constantly check in to make-sure they are taking care of your property, you just know they are.

Like our customer Jeanie said after arriving, how do you know when we're coming down? The property always looks great whenever we arrive! I just laughed and said, we're here every week. When we're hired with our monthly plan for Lawn, Property, and Irrigation System Maintenance, it's our job to take care of that property, regardless of if the customer is home or away at their primary home in another state. This is part of the reason we retain our customers for so long, they can depend on us.

What's this monthly plan? When you request for service, we put together a landscape maintenance plan specific to your property, we project the services and costs for the remainder of this season, and split the payment from now, until December, this becomes your initial monthly payment for landscaping services. In January, we mail out our annual LMP sheet, showing you what the monthly costs are for the year, so you will know exactly what your monthly budget will be.

What’s the path to get services started at your property? First, you’ll click the contact us | request services button on this page and fill out the form, the form will be sent to us, and you will get a welcome email in the next few minutes. The form has your property address, and we will stop by in the next few days to access your property, no you don't need to be home. We will then put together a pricing sheet and will email the PDF version to you. If you need to make changes, reply to that email, and we will send you an updated version. If you like everything, sign the back and mail that to us, and send in the first payment.

We’ll I think you will really like us; I know many of our customers love us and treat us like family. I hope we can build a trusting relationship with you too.

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Have a great day, Brodi!

Manager of Trademark Lawns

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Trademark Lawns Landscaping: Provides Lawn Mowing, Lawn Maintenance, Property Maintenance, and Irrigation Maintenance in Brewster, Chatham, Dennis, Harwich, Orleans on Cape Cod, and South Plymouth, MA

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